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Wet Benches
Chemical Workstations
Fume Cupboards
Cleanroom Doorsets
Emergency Escape Panels
Transfer Hatches
Trolley Hatches
Personnel Air Showers
Product Air Showers
Furniture / Benches / Tables
Step-Over Barriers
Powder Control Booths
Vertical Clean Air Modules
Horizontal Clean Air Modules
Door Interlock Systems
Facility Monitoring Systems

Perdune Ltd, trading as Cleanroom Components has many years experience in providing advice, components and backup services for industries requiring that their processes are carried out in a controlled enviroment utilising the correct equipment and systems.

We supply to many end users, main and specialist contractors, our client base is diverse and we are often nominated or named as a supplier by specifying Architects or Specialist Consultants, to ensure quality.

A sample of our client list:

  • ABB building systems

  • Astra Zeneca

  • BAE Systems

  • Cambridge Display Technologies

  • Cascade Biotechnology

  • Chiron Vaccines

  • Clean Room Construction ( London )

  • Controlled Environments ( Ireland )

  • DuPont EMD

  • Enbloc ( clean facilities )

  • Felcon CDI

  • Murex Biotech

  • N.I.B.S.C.

  • Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

  • Princess Margaret Hospital

  • Royal Sussex Hospital

  • Scottish Blood Service

  • Shield Medicare

  • SP Technology

  • Universities of:

    • Cambridge

    • Surrey

    • Exeter

    • Bath

    • Lancaster

    • Glasgow

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your cleanroom component requirements.